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A strong platform that enables direct and personal marketing and spurs customers into action.

We bring the ability to send location and time based promotions directly to your customers' smartphones. Our solution fits both large and small businesses, and helps you to attract customers nearby your business.

How It Works?

Setup your CustoClub merchant account.
Login to your account, build a brand, assign your business locations and generate attractive promotions.
Customers scan a dedicated QR code and join your brand on DealzWay application.
When ever your customer will be in the vicinity of your business we will detect his presence and will send him your attractive promotion directly to his smartphone.
Since the customer will receive your promotion when he is already in the neighborhood he will step in to check your offers.

The CustoClub Difference

Easy to use
Location based promotions
Promotions are sent to customer's smartphones
Convenient simple and intuitive dashboard
Build customer engagement
Increase in returning customers
Dramatically increase in sales
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