Frequently Asked Questions

How CustoClub service Promote your business ?
CustoClub service is a "Marketing Booster" for your business. It helps you create your own client base, and promote your goods to those clients via location and time coupons, messages and social networking posts.
What are the benefits of custoclub service ?
By allowing you to deliver attractive discounts to customers near your business at specific times during the day and year, CustoClub can help you: Increas the loyalty of you customers, Balance the traffic to your businesses, Encourag complementary buying and Eliminate overstock. At the bottom line retailers who are using CustoClub are much more likely to convert their attractive offers into sales.
How custoclub service can help me expand my client base ?
CustoClub service integrated with social networks to spread your goods and service to new potential customers, thus helps increasing your customer base
What is the advantage of CustoClub service
The advantage of using CustoClub system is expressed by lowering the barriers and complexity involved in creating client base and promoting your business to those clients. the system gives you new and effective way of promoting your goods and services and maintaining constant communication with your loyal customers.
Who can benefit from CustoClub service ?
Retailers who wish to establish a low-cost easy to manage location and time base marketing platform can benefit from CustoClub service.
How Custoclub service Works
The system consists of web site for content management and smart phone application. After a brief registration, you will be assigned a unique barcode. All customres have to do to get youre promotion is scan the your unique barcode and download DealzWay application from the app store. From that moment on, any content you upload to the site (coupons, benefits, messaging) will be pushed and displayed according to your settings on your customers mobile phone.
What DealzWay App is for
DealzWay applications is used to push and display the content you upload in the web site. And allows the user to manage his clubs and content
How many "Sign-Up" reward can a customer get ?
The customer can redeem a "Sign-Up" reward only once. meaning if the customer unsubscribe from your brand and subscribe again he will get the "Sign-Up" reward again only if he hasn't already redeemed the it in the past. once he redeems the "Sign-Up" reward he will not receive another one on matter how many times he subscribe and unsubscribe to your customer club
How many "Birthday" rewards can a customer get in a calendar year ?
The customer will get only one "Birthday" reward in a calendar year. he can change his birthday in the relevant account (google+ or faceboo ) as many time as he likes but still he will get a "Birthday" reward only once a year.
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